Help with Integration of StoneEdge and CSCart


I'm looking for some help with integrating CS Cart with StoneEdge Order Manager. We're using StoneEdge as our robust inventory management system of raw materials and products, shipping integration with FedEx and USPS, detailed reporting as well as integrating with Quickbooks.

StoneEdge is open source and integrates with many other shopping carts…just not CSCart.

We need a module written that will allow for StoneEdge to update CS Cart with order information, shipping tracking numbers, order status as well as a few other fields.

If you have experience with StoneEdge or want more detail on the scope of the project please let me know.





Tony from ez-ms


In no particulair order. Sorry if I forgot anyone ;)

You could also ask stoneedge - I think they would be willing to help you cause cs-cart is growing steadily.

Try contacting Thomas from FDGWeb. Their website is but according to this landing page, they've already integrated CS-Cart with StoneEdge.

Thanks for the plug … I just saw this for the first time.

We just deployed the newest StoneEdge 5.0 for a 3.0 cart as well … they've changed a lot of the formats … probably due to Monsoon purchasing them.

Update - we've also now completed StoneEdge / Monsoon integration with CS-Cart 4.0 now as well.