Help With Filters Setup Please Is Urgent :-(

I am trying to set up 2 filters under 1 category and first filter control what the second filter shows. Can this be possible with the regular filter tool that comes with CS Cart?

Every time I select the option in Filter 1, and then I select the option in filter 2 the 1 it's unmarked. Also, Filter 2 shows all the variants when it should be empty until Filter 1 it's selected.

You can see it here

What I am trying to do is filter the products' availability by Province and Municipality.

Any suggestion? Looks like the regular filter tool that comes with CS Cart is a piece of crap.

Ok, I have found the way to create a multiple selection Filter under the same Category!!!! I had to add to the filter block in the Layout the 2 filters inside the same block. They cannot be added separately, otherwise there be no relation between the 2 filters.

Now, the other problem I still have is that second filter, it's showing the whole list of Municipalities where the products are available and also where they are not available. How can I show only the Municipalities where those products are available?