Help With Editing Text On Checkout Page

Hello everyone If possible, can somebody please guide me in step on how I can edit the red circled text on these two pages? I don't know anything about "Coding" My web developer setup the text on the pages and has retired.

I want to remove the red circled text on my " Shipping Options" page

Checkout Page under "Billing Options"


You need to go to the Administration->Languages->Translations in the Administration panel, then click the "Add language variable" button("+") and write "delivery_times_text" in the Language variable field, the Value field can be empty.

What about the second text, find it in the page that is described above and change the value.

As for the second text, please edit the Payment instructions field for the corresponding payment method on the Administration -> Payment methods page

Thank you both, for your help!

what if i want to remove things in circles, please help