Help With Catalog Page

When i click on a category it shows the list of such as this

Lawn mower parts obtained here aftermarket lawn mower parts at discount prices

Air Filters

Fuel Line And Accessories

without images of these sub cats what i want to accomplish is say on the air filters it has picture of the air filter and so on makes the catalog on that category look more presentable rather than words is this possible to accomplish thank you


In the category in admin there is an option to add an image thumbnail, just add it there. dont add a large image just add a thumbnail and make sure they are all the same size for alignment


i tryed that but no cando the image shows up once you click the words such as air filters this is how i want the site to look

i installed a subcat thumbnail app but it is not working for some reason with my version i have the community version of cs cart please help

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this site shows what im trying to accomplish thank you

Works just as you are asking on my site, dunno about the community edition

Have you checked out the display method of your categories etc. in design/blocks/catgeory/

It is easily acheivable in pro but not sure about community.