Help with adding payment method (wire transfer)


I really want help , how to add new methods for payment with this process

1- Customer add the product want to cart then go to check out

2- On that page customer should choosing the method ( that i want to create)

3- In this methods i want the customer just go complete the check out without stop him for any reasen

4- go to next page or this page stick with customer to fill all the blink to confirm his/her order

even he logout and after few days log back to web he/her see a notation to fill this or ro cancel

And that page should just like that;

  • Country

    *Bank name
  • Wire transfer #


  • chose the bank that you tranfed the moeny to : Bank1 Bank2 Bank3

    (should be there like circle point to choos form this three)

    And then i get email from him or i confirm with all this fill up

    So, please help me if there is a way to do it

    Thanks so much

    Hussain Alajaj