Help with adding a few scripts please.

Hello, I am trying to get lightwindow ([URL=“”][/URL]) to work with the links on my content window (the products). Its pretty straight forward; I need to add 3 javascripts and a css style file, then give the tag a class attribute.

Im not much of a coder so any help is apriciated.

Im using cscart 1.3.4sp3. I put this code, along with the files themselves (in thier relative directories) in skins/myskin/customer/index.tpl:


Then since im using multiple columns I opened skins/myskin/customer/products_pages/products_multicolumns.tpl and added the class="lightwindow" attribute to the links. Seems to work in firefox but in IE 7 it gives an error exceptions_style is undefined. Anyone know how to fix this or a better way of doing it? Thanks for any help.