Help! Unfortunately there are no shipping options for your location 2.015 Random

Some customers on checkout seemingly randomly get the message :

[size=2]Unfortunately there are no shipping options for your location[/size]

[size=2]The shipping address for the customer when this happens is within the defined locations. Example, a customer with ship address Spokane, WA got the message. [/size] Our locations are setup as follows:

USA - Countries=Unites States, States=(all US states)

USA WA - States=United States - Washington (our business is in WA so this was created in order to charge state sales tax)

Canada - Countries=Canada

International Other - Countries=(various other countries)

We’ve not been able to reproduce the error ourselves. I’m guessing someone out there must have run into this quirk. We have no idea if it is a bug, a user error, or a config error with locations, shipping, products? What to look for?

Maybe if I searched first that would help… duh.


Note the function on my version didn't have _companies in the name.

You stated that you have “all US states” included with USA. You need to remove WA from that list since you have it listed separately in USA WA. That will cause confusion in the software.