Help to add superfish menu

Hello everyone!

I am trying to add superfish [URL=“”][/URL] nav-bar style menu to my topmenu(.tpl), I am using “food” skin, but don’t really know in which files to change to get it working. I downloaded with superfish-navbar.css. If anyone know how to do this, I would love some step-by-step help.



i think it is easy to use.

First is first - make the backup of your index.tpl file

  1. Head Tag - Copy and paste this code given below to index.tpl file of your skin folder.before the tag




{literal} code is required for cs-cart scripting.

2. [B]Body Tag - Copy and paste the code given below to html block. Go to admin panel, content, block, add new block on all pages, choose "HTML Block" and paste the following code:[/B]


But make sure upload all javascript, css and images file to their cs-cart skin folder and link it to the URL.

Let me know your reply. ;)

Thank you for the response, but it was not quite like I wanted it. I am trying to get superfish nav-bar style working in top_menu.tpl, if it’s possible, top_menu.tpl looks like this:

```php {* $Id: top_menu.tpl 9353 2010-05-04 06:10:09Z klerik $ *}

{if $top_menu}


    {foreach from=$top_menu item="m"}

  • {$m.item}
    {if $m.subitems}
    {include file="top_menu.tpl" items=$m.subitems top_menu="" dir=$m.param_4}

  • {/foreach}


{elseif $items}

    {assign var="foreach_name" value="cats_$iter"}
    {foreach from=$items item="_m" name=$foreach_name}

  • {$_m.item}
    {if $_m.subitems}
    {include file="top_menu.tpl" items=$_m.subitems top_menu="" dir=$_m.param_4 iter=$smarty.foreach.$foreach_name.iteration+$iter}

  • {if !$smarty.foreach.$foreach_name.last}

  • {/if}



Yes you can do but you have also have to play with css files.