Help/Support department e-mail address

Question: Which system emails are sent from the “Help/Support department e-mail address”?

I know that product approval emails are sent from this address, but I’m not sure what others are as well and a search didn’t show that info in the documentation. Did I miss it somewhere?

ETA: In documentation, it simply states:

  • Help/Support department e-mail address—the email address to send messages submitted through forms.

That’s too vague. I need to know if that includes emails to both customers & vendors, or only vendors. What forms??

As far as I can see from the code, this email is used in the FROM parameter in sending email about filled forms (Website → Pages) and vendor emails (apply for vendor account, vendor was approved, etc)


Thank you, as always, for your expertise!

Unfortunately that makes it more complicated for us, since there are both vendor and customers forms and we want them sent from different email addresses. SIGH. I’ll work around it.

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