Help please with categories and sub-categories


Hope someone can help as I’m quite new to cs-cart (migrating from the doomed Erol platform). Does anybody know of a way to upload image links and text into category and sub-category pages. It’s obviously fairly easy to upload this information for products but I can’t find a way to do it in category pages and I have around 750+ to do so will be a bit of a pain manually.If there is a solution to this that anyone has found (either native or third party add-in), I’d love to hear it.

Many thanks


Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, this import category images function is missing in cs-cart. hopefully some developer could cover this demand with a nice mod.

There are old posts showing how to add some field to the export function. Is not related to images, but i guess is possible.

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It would be relatively straightforward to implement a category import (sans product info) that would allow import of descriptions, titles, meta-data, parentage, etc. However, doing images is a whole other ballgame. But the image pairs could be done like products where the images are expected to already exist in the filesystem.

But since this would usually only be done once would it really be worth it?

Is not a daily utility like updating product prices and stock but sure help those with hundreds of parts and categories. Regarding the subcategories images it could be done directly on the database?

Thanks for the replies.

'is it worth it?’ I guess like everything, it depends on how much the add on would cost. As I say, we have about 750+ to do just to get up to speed and we add products to our website at the rate of hundreds at time and multiple categories come with them. The main reason for needing the functionality is that we are using the final category page (where actual products appear) as a product ‘family’ page. See example here:


There was very very little that was good about the Erol software (in my view) but the import facility was quite good and could (sort of) do this.

Anyway, thanks again for the responses. Even with this functionality missing, from what I have seen so far, I still am hugely impressed with CS Cart.

If you’re importing your products, the categories would get created.

The cheapest approach would be to identify a ‘category_id’ with a ‘category’ (from categories_descriptions table) and then to import your descriptions and meta data into the table directly from a CSV file using phpMyAdmin. Or you could write a small, independent script that would start the csv for you by creating a CSV that had the category_id and category as the 1st 2 columns and then you could add other columns as needed and update the table.

Most people value their time at a lot lower rate than others charge for theirs. I.e. most merchants are usually willing to spend 3-5 hours doing something that someone else would charge them for 1 hour.