Help Please Website Service Unavailable After Server Migration

Hi! Please help

I had my website since the beginning in a Hosting, but I am migrating it to a VPS. After the migration, the website it's giving me an error Service Unavailable. I am still using the website in the Hosting, the DNS and IP are not set yet in the new VPS. What could be the reason this is happening???

This is my temporary address


If you don't have DNS set, you should refer to your store through IP. IP number of the server should be typed into config_local.php file.

But the best way would be just pointing some temporary domain into that IP address, so you can just refer to it everywhere.

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Please check page source code (Ctrl + U) to see error message

The Cs Cart migration is a pain in the as....

Migration completed, but it was a total mess. Now I am having problems with emails signatures, so they are going to SPAM folder.

Try to switch to SMTP