Help optimizing cs-cart


I need help optimizing my site to load faster, it's really slow.[list]

[]50 products

]8,280 visits p/m

[]Load time: 20.65s

]Hosting with Siteground

[]Cloud VPS 4 account




Thank you

first of all siteground is not much good for cs-cart. If you still want to stick with them, there is few tutorials out here in this forum for optimization, search it.

  1. Turn off Statistics module, it's consuming 2 full seconds per page load.
  2. Compress your headers (1/2 MB those alone)
  3. Compress CSS via config.local.php
  4. Compress JS via config.local.php
  5. Remove the Facebook plugin on your homepage OR at LEAST remove the profile images, both redundant and time consuming.
  6. Remove the '' trust logo, trust me that nobody uses it, further it's a distraction.


11 seconds for the server to respond? Jesse, Is there a misconfiguration somewhere? CPU or Memory bottleneck?


Siteground and OP hasn't done any optimization (rather lazy if you ask me) himself.

I just looked at siteground "[color=#666666][font=Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif][size=4]Fully managed and 24/7 supported"[/size][/font][/color]

You really should be contacting siteground for this. you have paid for a managed server.

I think a v3.06 cart home page loads in around 4 seconds

Response from siteground

I checked the website and I noticed it is indeed lowing slowly at the moment. After investigating the problem I found out that currently your VPS is experiencing a higher than average load, which appears to be causing the problem.

I have checked and I noticed that most of the server's resources are at the moment allocated to PHP and Apache processes serving requests for the website spawned by visits to the website.

It seems the problem is due the amount of visits to your website coupled with the fact that it is not well optimized.

What we can offer in this case is an upgrade to a more powerful VPS plan, which would allocate more resources to your website's disposal.

Perhaps a better approach would be to contact a professional CS-Cart web developer who can dedicate the time to work with you and help optimize your website for best performance.

What hosting provider would you recommend for cs-cart then?