Help needed with login to Admin


I’m installing the trial of cs cart on a localhost using WAMP 2.0 I have managed to figure out the setting of permissions etc and the installation has completed successfully. I can view the storefront but when I go to the admin page it asks me to log In.

What user name and password do i put in here?

The page loads with the user localhost and a password already in the field dotted out but does not work. I have tried with the usernames and passwords associated with the msql database.

I’ve had a look at the config file and I can find the mysql password but couldn’t find any other mention of passwords.

Any ideas? It’s frustrating as i know I’m being stupid.

The default after installation is admin/admin. You should, at a minimum, change the password and consider changing the username as well (or set “User e-mail is used as login” in Settings->General).


Thanks that’s brilliant! :stuck_out_tongue: