help needed in HTMl Block

so i have a block that is an HTML block that is above one of my slide shows basically just explaining what that slide show is for.

Well upon wanting to edit the HTMl Block content. Ive clicked on edit in the block, and then click on “edit in visual HTML editor”. in the top right of the “block text” there are 2 A’s as an icon. If you hover over it, it says edit CSS Style.

basically what im trying to do is put a box around the text and add a fill color. For the life of god i cant do it.

It keeps putting the box at the very top of the page or putting lines through the words and everything else except put a black border around it with a fill color.

Has anyone ever used this?

I prefer editing HTML in an editor like dreamweaver and copying and pasting the code in a cs-cart html block. This make life much easier :slight_smile:

could photoshop do it?


If you are doing what I think you are doing, than you don’t need to edit the html at all.

Just remove those black lines and then change the wrapper from none to Mainbox General.

That should give you a border around the whole box.


how do i go about adding a fill color? if you look at our home page he figured it out on the right side above the apparel slide show but it wont work on the left side for some weird reason

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Looks like you must have gotten it.

Sucks about the wreck, I sure hope you get better soon. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t heard from you in a while. Hopefully you will be out of the hospital soon.


ha yea i think i got it. Hopefully

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