Help Needed For Access Restrictions Administrator Area

Hi, my ISP will not permit me to use static IP, so I will have to stick with dynamic IP. Now CS Cart user manual ( is silent about whether can we select 'Block IP after a number of unsuccessful attempts' while using dynamic IP. Any help is much appreciated.

In the case of getting yourself blocked.

The easiest way is to log into your database using phpMyAdmin and in the table 'cscart_access_restriction'

Delete the last entry or you ip entry..

My dear thanks for the tips, it really help me lot in future. But for now can I safely enable 'Block IP after a number of unsuccessful attempts' while using dynamic IP.

I would change ISP if they cant give a static IP.

IP whitelisting has proven to be a very powerful security measure over the decades.

Very few ISP's will provide static IP's for non commercial accounts.

The way this works is when your site is accessed by a particular IP address it checks the table. If it's not excluded then the login process is allowed to continue. If the login fails more than N login fail attempts, then THAT IP address is added to the excluded list.

What is the actual problem you are trying to solve. cs-cart doesn't care if the IP is static or dynamic. It's simply the IP of the user accessing your site.

Pardon me for being late and not being clear about my question, in order to be very clear I have given here an imagination instance.
Jack’s ISP doesn’t let him to have static IP, knowing this fact he goes to CS-Cart administration panel and select ‘Access restrictions’ add-on; there he enables ‘Block IP after a number of unsuccessful attempts’ for administration area.
1) Jack has itched administration password in his mind, so there is no chance for him to forget his administration password.
2) Now whether Jack can access administration panel with different IP each time?
3) Whether Jack has to entirely have to disable this feature, since he doesn’t have static IP?
Note: In my area there is only one working ISP based on 4G technology, all other ISP’s have very unreliable connection though they have static IP.

The system has no idea at that point that it is Jack. It's just an IP.

Thanks tbirnseth, I will disable 'Access restrictions' for administrator.