Help... Need Transparent Header And Footer With No Background Color

I would like to have the background image from my “Main” (styles.css) to show through the header and footer as well. The idea is to have a single background image for the entire page.

I have placed transparent background images in the header and footer (many different ways) and tried to remove any color, but have not been successful at this. If I remove the color designation, the CSS defaults to white.

Anyone have any idea how to do this?

Web Page…


Thank you in advance!


Here's a code snippet…

/* Main styles /

.header {

background: url(images/transparent1.png) repeat-x center fixed;


.main {

background: url(images/MyMainBkgImage.jpg) repeat-x center fixed;


.header-helper-container {

height: 101px;


/Main styles /

Footer styles */

.footer {

background: url(images/bkg_transparent1_gif.gif) no-repeat center fixed;


.footer-menu {

background: url(images/footer_line.png) bottom repeat-x;


Hi Flatty,

Please add ```php

body {

background: url(“images/bkg_desertnight.jpg”) repeat-x fixed center center transparent;


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and will look like this [url=""][/url] and i guess this is what you want <img src="upload://ssa1U17ndImgNZSdwFNmOF2yUgM.png" class="bbc_emoticon" alt=";)"><br />
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I hope that helps,<br />
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---<br />
Valentin<br />
[color=#808080][size=2]part of[/size][/color]

Thanks for your reply Valentin. The code worked. Thank you so much!!


You are welcome