Help... need to remove steps and let customers print orders


I would like you to let me know if it is possible to remove all the stuff related to shipping, review and place order.

Our page is basically to let the customers create their "shopping list" (not an order) and print it so they can use it at the store.

We do not sell anything on the website, just put the different prices and let the select the products and know how much they’ll save.

It would be great to let them print the “order” (shopping list) instead of sending it to the email, or do both.

We also want to change de name on the button “place order” for: print shopping list (in Spanish: imprime lista de compras)

Also, on the “invoice” paper, we changed the title to: Lista or list, instead of Invoice, but there’s an underscore before the word: _lista, we don’t know why!?

Let us know if it is possible to fix it.

Have them add to wishlist and then print that?