Help migrating from setup site to live site

ok, so I had my site working on the setup site and Im trying to migrate it to the live site.

I used filezilla to download the setup site, and have uploaded to the live site…but it does not work.

cart was installed on server by cs-cart

httpdocs\cart & httpdocs\catalog are empty

Ive added new site to install\confog

any help?

Same server or different server? Same database or new database? Did you do a full backup from cpanel and upload it all? What error are you getting? We need more info in order to help you. I just did this myself.

same server, same host, same database. full backup done, uploaded every file. error - website does not come up or redirects to old site address which is now gone

Did you change the domain name information in the new installation’s config.local.php to reflect the move?

// Host and directory where software is installed on no-secure server
$config['http_host'] = 'YOURDOMAIN';
$config['http_path'] = '';

// Host and directory where software is installed on secure server
$config['https_host'] = 'YOURDOMAIN';
$config['https_path'] = '';