Help me perform the upgrade from 3.01 to 4.01 *Urgent

Hello cs-cart,

i would please like some help to renew-upgrade my license from 3.01 to 4.01.

I have purchased the licence on 28th of June 2012 so i believe i am entitled to an upgrade.

As i don't know your policy about upgrades, nor have i bought the licence myself (a bought it from a reseller) i would like to know how to perform the upgrade.

Kindly respond asap as i only have one day until my license expires.

Thank you in advance

The way it looks you should get the free upgrade no matter what. Its when it was released, not when you install. Most people are waiting to upgrade when the import tool comes up. Did you download from the Customer Area?

I have managed to upgrade from v3 to v4. Make sure you backup everything before you start playing with it. You can import 90% of the data like products, categories, images just by moving the corresponding sql file to the cscart4 database. There will be duplicates and there will be errors, and most likely you wont get it right the first time. What i did is use a database comparison software to see how different the databases are. It was easier for me since my shop is new, started it in september so there isn't a too much of a data to work with.

Just to give you and example the cscartv3 table cscart_products is almost the same as the v4 one. The only difference is that v4 has 2 extra columns.

These are the tables that i managed to import successfully: [color=#008000][font=Verdan, Arial, Tahoma]cscart_categories; [/font][/color][color=#008000][font=Verdan, Arial, Tahoma]cscart_category_descriptions; [/font][/color][color=#008000][font=Verdan, Arial, Tahoma]cscart_images; [/font][/color][color=#008000][font=Verdan, Arial, Tahoma]cscart_images_links; [/font][/color][color=#008000][font=Verdan, Arial, Tahoma]cscart_products; [/font][/color][color=#008000][font=Verdan, Arial, Tahoma]cscart_products_categories; [/font][/color][color=#008000][font=Verdan, Arial, Tahoma]cscart_product_descriptions.[/font][/color]

Keep in mind that the new cscart uses 2 storefronts so the products will have a different company id, which is 1, instead of 0 for the old cscart. After you managed to import these tables make sure you change the company id so all the products and categories appear correctly on your store and admin page.

It took me about 3 days to get it right, re-installed the shop like 7 times, and screwed the database twice that many times, but now it's all good.

Good luck!