HELP! Killed site - how to recover

Ok, was doing some house cleaning on the server, deleting unneeded ftp accounts etc…

Well, low and behold one of the ftp accounts had touched several files on the site. Thus, when I deleted the account along with the files, I killed have the files on the site.

I re-uploaded all the files, however, i did not have a current copy of the config.local.php file.

The only thing I can see that is different, or would be different is the crypt_key other wise I have duplicated the DB credentials.

All I am getting is a white screen, both front and back end.

This is a LIVE store and I have hundreds of products and hundreds of orders already on the DB, i do NOT want to have o rebuild from scratch.

Any insights on how to get the site back up.

My DB back up is 90M un-compressed and 10 Zipped, but the new DB i created is not liking the DB import process thru phpmyadmin.

Running out of ideas.

Ver 4.01 Ultimate


Server is doing backup every day. you can restore the site from the last daily backup through cpanel.

No such luck in my case

Made a new DB and am now trying to copy 90M's of data from old DB to new DB.

After re-installing CS-Cart to atleast get the site “live”. Will see how this one goes. Gonna set the server to do a back up once a week though.

You can get the config file from a fresh version.

As for the database, try using BigDump. That allows you to import huge databases and might help in your case. Just do a Google search for it. It is one file to upload and the rest is pretty darn easy.