Help integrating into an affiliate program

Would someone be able to help me to integrate into an affiliate program? below is what I have received from the affiliate company:

For the trackConversion tag it’d require copying the entire code snippet from the Technical Integration Plan document, then modify the snippet’s values (“Order Id here”, AUD and 280.00) with dynamic variables aligning to your backend payload.

In this case the orderId would pick up your order confirmation number and the orderSubTotalPostDiscount would be a variable aligning with the orders total revenue amount (post discount) which dynamically populates in your back end system. Currency Code can be left as is, hard coded as AUD.

thanks, SIGMOD

Hello! Which partner system you are plannign to add? We have added Affiliatly & Tapfiliate partner systems in our addon.

Hi. We want to use Cash Rewards. It’s an Australian company