Help - How Do I Manually Close The Storefront

Running into some issues migrating my storefront. I need to close the storefront. The button no longer works. Is there a way to manually disable the store or even admin and the store until I can get my stuff resolved. I thought I could replace the index.php file but that is not working.

got it working. by changing the index.php but I still can't close the strore front using the close store front in admin

What happens when you do so? It works fine in standard distributions. Make sure you have the specific store selected or click the sharing icon to have it apply to multiple stores.

got it working. by changing the index.php but I still can't close the strore front using the close store front in admin

As a temporary solution , you can rename the store_closed.html file to index.html

Well, I found out why admin close storefront does not work. I am having an issue with MySQL but I do not understand why. Admin nor the Store can modify the database. I get Error Occurred when I try to modify an order via Admin and when I try to place a test order on the website. I also get errors when trying to do other things but not everything. If I press the save button in admin I get error occurred but I can change the "Status" of a product from Active to Disabled and it works.

So what changed.....

My site was migrated to a new server. Everything looks fine at first glance but I get generic errors and the white page of death.

Oddly I have a second website that was also migrated and it works fine. I am stumped on what might be missing from the installation with problems.

The CS Cart installation with problems is a V3 store and the one that works is a V4 store.

So now I tried installing another version of cs cart in a subdomain. I get and error MySQL settings are not valid. Could not create database.

So now this tells me the error I am having is not related to the specific installation buy a MySQL issue. Everything looks fine that I can see.....

What do the Logs in Administration/Logs say about Database errors?

Are there any errors in your PHP error_log?

This is most likely a permissions issue related to the db_user and db_pass (possibly db_host or db_name) as defined in your config.local.php file.

CSC Support saved the day. My old server used MySql 5.5 but the new server is MySQL 5.6 and was apparently on strict mode. I still have other smaller issues I am trying to resolve with addon compatibility. On the positive side though Store import now works for me on the web and I had been dealing with that for a while on XAMPP locally.

Thanks for the responses guys. Hopefully CSC Support can help me resolve the other issues.