[HELP] hints for complete order


Help, i need something like when order is complete template,

where is it located?

because id like to send some order details to another php pages.

when order is complete, it will send to client email that order is completed,

nah mind to share for the location of that template?


for 2.1.x:


for 2.0.x


hi tb, thanks for your kind reply, i installed cs-cart and there is no my changes in the addons, (cs-cart pro 2.1.3 rc1)


It should be in addons/my_changes. However, by default there is nothing in the skins directory. You have to create those paths/files your self.

“My Changes” should show on your Administration Ad-ons page.

so i need to create my_changes ?

i thought that its default in cs-cart, i see. thanks tb