Help For Promotion Condition

Hi i am trying build my own promotion addon, this addon will take codes from another api.

i added following condition

$schema['conditions']['teytey'] = array(
    'operators' => array ('eq', 'in'),
    'type' => 'input',
    'field_function' => array('fn_promotion_validate_coupon', '#this', '@cart', '#id'),
    'after_conditions_check_function' => 'fn_promotion_check_coupon_code_once_per_customer',
    'zones' => array('cart'),
    'applicability' => array( 
        'group' => array(
            'set_value' => true

if customer buy products from two or more seller in one orders, cs-cart placing sub orders without discount calculation. when i check database orders table, parent order have discount info, but sub orders nothing have discount info,

what can be problem ? anyone can help me ?