??HELP Cscart sending invoices out

Yesterday my cscart resent customers invoices that were 3 months old?? I have customers emailing me asking why are they getting rebilled etc? This is strange has anybody had this happen yet?

I havent sent the email/inovices but they are showing up in customer emails and in mines

ahhhhh Cancel this…

I didnt mark the order as completed, thats why the invoice receipt got resent

okay I take that back. This is happening on old Google checkout orders.

Somehow the orders are going from somehow it is going from completed → processed and then when it does it re sends out invoices to the customers. The same old invoice not a new one…???

in order statuses, [url]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days, you need to uncheck notify customer for each status you don’t want the customer to be notified…

No what I am saying its doing it even tho the customer hasnt ordered anything. Like i have orders from 3 months ago, and cscart is automatically putting the order in “processed” status and re emailing the customer their invoices. this is happening on 3 month old orders.

Also notify customer is already checked off but I still get the emails and my customers does too.

I am testing and setting up my cart. But I too am getting customer emails for declined orders where the “Notify customer” is not checked. However “Notify supplier” is checked and I am not unchecking that but why would that send an email to the customer?

anybody?? Please. Only google checkout orders are going from completed to process by itself??