Help! Can't login in default language

Hi all,

I have a problem, in the storefront, when default language is selected (for my shop it’s spanish), clients can’t login, they enter the login data, it gives no errors, but acts like they never loged in, it stays nulled.

This only happens in spanish language.

I already cleaned cache form var folder and from smartoptimizer, directly from the admin panel but still nothing, it’s impossible to login in spanish or even by something, as the shopping basket keeps desapearing.

Can someone give me a hint how to solve this? Please…


It seems that this happens everywhere (firefox, crome, opera) except in explorer, any ideas?

Not sure about your customers, but you should clear your browser cache as well if you changed the default.

You’re on a pretty old version. There have been many fixes/changes since that release. You may simply be running into old bugs.