HELP! 3D Secure Merchant Plug-In


I have nearly finished developing my CS Cart site, all that remains is to set up the checkout so it goes through the RBS WorldPay gateway so that transacations can take place within the site.

This part has involved a lot of back-and-forth talks between WorldPay, Streamline FF and CS Cart themselves.

The problem that I am having is with 3D Secure ( [url][/url] ) - I don’t know how to implement it into my CS Cart yet it is now a requirement (especially for Maestro cards) and a lot of e-commerce sites have 3D Secure now.

Since CS Cart does not have this functionality built-in, I was wondering if anyone else had been able to get around this and how I could go about doing the same?

I need 3D Secure technology on my site and if anyone could give me any pointers that would be brilliant.

Many thanks.

I use Paypal Pro and had to set up an account with to handle the 3D secure stuff.

Thanks for your reply, argentice.

I considered doing that but my client is set on WorldPay as they are with RBS.

The PayPal Pro service is £20/month am I correct? Are there any charges per transaction?

Do you use PayPal Pro solely or do you just offer it to customers that wish to use for example a Maestro card (i.e. where 3d secure verification is necessary).

With WorldPay, are you not redirected to the Worldpay website, for the customer to enter the details there?

It’s my understanding that you only need to worry about 3Dsecure if you are taking cards on your site directly…

BTW, When I say I am using Paypal Pro. It’s currently disabled and I am using Moneybookers. :wink: But it did/does work. The reason I brought it up is because I had to use a third party (Not paypal or worldpay) to handle it separately.

The WorldPay service can either be directly integrated into my site, or, like you said, involves redirecting customers to the WorldPay site.

I have been approaching them with direct integration in mind, hence the need for 3D Secure.

Would you advise using worldpay’s indirect integration rather than direct?

What third party did you use to handle 3d secure separately if you don’t mind me asking? Would it be something I can use for worldpays direct integration too?

When you accept card directly on your website you have to worry a LOT more about PCI compliance. Auditing etc

Getting a 3rd party to take the card details for you saves a lot of headaches. I think that customers are generally used to seeing it these days, so wont be put off.

I used to handle the 3D secure stuff for Paypal. (There are configuration options in the CScart Paypal module for - Are there for the Worldpay module? )

BTW, to avoid PCI Compliance, you can use the new (in CS-Cart 2.1) CRE Secure module, which puts the checkout onto their servers, to take the card details.