Heat Map

If you're a new SEOer or make you business online, you want to know what visitor doing when they click to your site. I introduce an amazing software, Heat Map Trakcer. Heat Map Tracker is software that offers accurate user behavior, conversation optimization, and visitor heat maps. This software provides enhanced sales, engagement, and user experience. It can help you to improve your marketing and usability efforts.

The software allows you to take advantage of overlays to see what online users are clicking on while they are on your site. This is better than making an assumption on what you think they are clicking on. You can use the software it check if people are clicking on the images you include on your site and whether they are following your secondary or primary calls to action.

However, there are numerous other conceivable requisitions that site possessors can make utilization of intelligent maps for their specific commercial enterprises and markets. There is numerous intuitive mapping programming, which can help you to exploit geographic-identified information, and to viably envision territory and business data by making your own custom intelligent maps.

now it is on free version…

heat map