Headers Only, Fatal Errors and Non Encoded Files


My store has developed a problem that has me stumped. I am hoping that there is somebody out there that may be able to help.

I logged into the backend of my store to process an order. The dashboard looks fine but when I clicked on latest ‘Order #’ to see the details it returned a blank page (only header and nav showing).

I checked the front end (web) of my store and just the header and nav is showing there as well. http://www.robbiesgu…ditation.co.uk/

Any attempts to use the navigation takes me to a blank page.

Using the search function bought back the following error message (it did the 1[sup]st[/sup] time, subsequent attempts have resulted in a blank page).

Fatal error: Cannot run code from this file in conjunction with non encoded files in /home/bazrob/public_html/var/compiled/customer/%%54^543^5436960A%%sidebox_general.tpl.php on line 1265

This is the same message I got when I typed in ‘https’ before the address (1st time only, subsequent attempts take me to a blank page).

Back in the admin section if I click the last but one ‘Order #’ from the dashboard I get the following error message: -

Fatal error: Cannot run code from this file in conjunction with non encoded files in /home/bazrob/public_html/var/compiled/admin/%%08^084^08486CB6%%button_popup.tpl.php on line 90.

(any other orders prior to this results in a blank page).

One or two of the admin pages are available to me e.g. Administration / Database, but most options just result in a blank page.

The only similar issue I could find was here: -


I am not too sure how or if that applies or if it helps me.

Hosting is through a Hostnine reseller account. I have a couple more CS Cart stores set up on the same hosting and configured in the same way as the broken store and they have no issues with them.

Unfortunately I am not overly technical but if anybody is able to shed some light on what may be happening I would be most grateful.

Many Thanks,


If you have ftp access delete all files in var complied and cache folders. If not then clear your cache by yourstorecom/admin.php&cc

HAve you tried disabling some of the side blocks it refers to in design, blocks.

Also do you have smart optimizer if so this may be part of problem.


Thanks for responding John.

I deleted the compiled and cache folders and disabled the relevant design blocks. These did not resolve the issue. As far as I know I don't have Smart Optimizer (unless it came pre-installed).

Using the '&cc' URL does have some affect though.

After using it and refreshing my live site the correct page displays. However, upon moving to another page on the site (generally after the 1st click) I get presented with a blank page again. If I do another '&cc' and refresh the live site the correct page displays - until I move to another page - and so on and so on.

It seems a bit of a weird one.

Based on this behaviour I was hoping you might have some suggestions I could try

Many Thank,


front end showing fine for me here, 21:00 gmt UK


Hi there

It doesnt seem to have any problems at all.

On the contrary it's fast !

You might want to check your site outside your office, on a different ip.

It looks more like a browser/computer/ip issue than a site issue to me.


PS I am checking you from iPad (safari)

Yeah seems fast for me too, who do you host with and whats the spec, Id be interested to know,

just realised your in UK


It does certainly seem to be running without any problems right now. I’ve had a few people checking it today and they’ve all now reported an all clear.

John, I have a basic (Level 1) HostNine Reseller Account [url=“Homegrown Website Hosting | Fast, Reliable Web Hosting”]Homegrown Website Hosting | Fast, Reliable Web Hosting

I can’t recall any major issues in close to 2 years of being with them… and you can choose where you want each site hosted, US UK or Asia.

Thanks John and Fotis

Aaaargh! Site has gone again.

Back to just the Header and the Navigation for the home page or nothing at all (when it goes to nothing 10 minutes of refreshing will have no effect until I do the &cc at the end of the URL trick).

When the nav does show up I can't access any products but I can get to things like My Account & View Cart - occasionaly these have an error message in the footer, but not always.

Site is being very temperamental. I would have guessed it was hosting related but for the fact I have no issues with my other CS Cart stores set up in exactly the same way.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this.

Many Thanks,


Nope all fine to me…

Try to contact your hosting firm and ask them to have aloof at the log files the time frame you had problems.

Can't think of anything that can cause this.


OK for me Thursday Morn