Header & Footer Difference

I just upgraded my company's website to v3. There's a small design issue that's been bugging me- I'm hoping someone can just take a quick look and figure it out (I'm guessing it's something obvious I missed).

I'd like the header and footer to be the same base color ([color=#000000][font=Consolas,]#231F20)[/font][/color]. According to the settings, the background and the background image are that color. However, the footer appears to be a shade lighter. It's as though something is covering the footer with a low opacity, or the footer itself has a low opacity. I just can't seem to figure it out.

Please see http://www.lccoins.com

Your header is using:

.header {

background: #231F20 url(images/top_bg1.png) bottom repeat-x;


Your footer is using:

.footer {

background: #231F20 url(images/footer_bg.png) top repeat-x;


Are the images the same color?

Yes, they're identical. I just rotated the top bg vertically to make the footer bg.

[quote name=‘lccoins’ timestamp=‘1344233707’ post=‘142264’]

Yes, they’re identical. I just rotated the top bg vertically to make the footer bg.



I’ve looked at this issue:

There isn’t something covers the footer, but the two images are not identical as you think, the footer_bg is taller than top_bg making the difference in colors.

I’ve remade the two images for you, that will fix the issue, and fix the plain color in the bottom footer too.

just overwrite , and CTRL+F5 :)


Thanks Web2Arab!

I really appreciate you looking into it and even taking the time to provide the files! Thanks!