Header Bar Modification Help!

Visit my website at www.starksource.com. The header needs to be completely changed. I would like to make it white so that I can add my full logo w/ white background.

Also, there is a large area of whitespace between the drop-down and the bottom of the header. I need to make this come closer together and eliminate as much of that blank space as possible.

I checked top and top_menu.tpl and several of the image files but had no luck with it. Any help would be appreciated.

Try top.tpl

It worked like a charm! Now there are some more advanced things I would like to do. They have been detailed in the image file.

I figured out how to make the menu links smaller and change color, but padding does not help me move it to the top.

Also, I have removed the language and currency items, so we can check that off. I still need help with the other items.


I was able to make some slight modifications, but I still am having trouble with a few things. Any help would be appreciated.