Having trouble with custom made skin

Hi guys,

I’m a new user of CS-Cart.

Our company has had a custom template designed. Now I have been hired as the Web Administrator in our company and I was playing around with the design on the Blocks manager, and the custom template (skin) has crashed several times, not only on the store front, but even inside the admin panel, the blocks manager started giving errors.

Upon reporting to the support, they said that there were some script/server errors, and that they have resolved it. This happened not once but a couple of times.

I have a hunch that this is due to the custom-template that we are using, might it be better if we just go along with one of the built-in templates and optimise that as per our requirements?

I’m worried that the custom template that we are using might cause crashes in future, and since we’re nearing our launch of the website, I being the web admin am not in a position to take any chances/risks.

@ all Gurus: Please advise me on what would be the best option to choose.


Not knowing the errors you are receiving nor the method that was used to develop your custom template, no one can advise you on the best approach.

I would always ensure that any store I worked with would run on the basic template. This would be for all modification that are not layout/design oriented. I.e. functional changes. Then, the functional changes should be done in a manner that they could be applied to any new skin.

It sounds as if you might be mixing way too much and then trying to unravel it rather than doing a more pragmatic approach of change some area, test it, change another area, test it, etc…

@ tbirnseth: Bro, thanks for your response.

  1. We had the custom template designed by the CS-cart team itself. I’m not too technical in this area, don’t know what method they used. However, the errors were like the boxes would either duplicate or disappear in the Design blocks section of the Admin panel. Sometimes the store front pages would disappear after making changes to the boxes positions.

  2. We need an Arabic RTL orientation for the Arabic version of our website to work simultaneously with the English version. I believe, as per your advice, it would be best for us to switch back from our custom-made template to a built-in basic template, and then get the RTL orientation functionality on it.

  3. And yes, our present custom-designed template has been mixed up too much after several modifications to it, and that is one of the reasons I believe that we’re having so many issues with it.

    Kindly let me know what you think. Thank you.