Having problems with 301 redirects

Many of my 301 redirects from my old domain to my new CS-Cart store are working, but many are not.

Ones that are working are like:

redirect 301 /store/categories/Lingerie-Supplies/ /lingerie-supplies.html

If it's a URL without funny characters going to a URL with the same directory structure, I am fine.

My old cart put funny characters in URLs and you could not edit the URL for a product (a huge pain as you can imagine).

Like this:



I am having problems redirecting things within subcategories on the old site to the new site if the category structure is different. Example:

old site:


new site I put in .htaccess file says:


It tries to go to:


Which results in 404 on the new site.

Trying it through the cPanel doesn't work either.

CS-Cart support has even been kind enough to offer suggestions but no luck.

Maybe someone else has been able to migrate from a cart with funny URLs and has been successful.

I can live with it, I got the major ones I guess, just glad to be rid of the old cart.

Pfoe, do I recognize this. I was struggling with something similar for days until I finally got it to work. I don’t even know how I did it to be honest.

If you want this solved I advice you to ask somebody who knows this stuff really well and to do it for you. It’s probably only 10 minutes work…

The guys from CScartrocks seem to know an awful lot about redirects, etc… they also have a nice canonical URL add-on. I’d send them a mail… :slight_smile:

Hi did you find a solution to this? i am in a similar situation whereby i am trying to redirect some url's but i beleive because of & in the url it is screwing it up.

An example of what i currently have:

RewriteRule ^lillevilla_cabin.php?cat=offices&id=7$ /index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=18 [R=301,L]

any ideas?

in the meantime i will see if i can contact cscart /cscartrocks for ideas.

I am in no way a 301 redirect expert, but I had some trouble during a migration from 1.3.5 sp3 to 2.1.4

Here is a link to my solution:

301 redirects between 1.3.5 sp3 and 2.1.4 - Hints & Modifications - CS-Cart Community Forums

I hope that helps.


Sorry I missed this message - I guess I didn't have notifications enabled.

No, I never did get it to work with the oddball characters.