having a product appear in more than one category via CSV import

as an example, let's say I have a main category of “books”, which in turn has several subcategories (i.e. history books, economics, hobbies, etc.)

I know that if I just wanted a particular book to appear in a “history books” category, the field in the CSV import would read: Books///history books.

But what if I wanted the product to appear in BOTH the “books” AND “history books” categories? Can someone give me an example of the required syntax?

There are two fields at the csv file, Category and Secondary Category

For your example the column with Category header you will have to fill it with Books//history books and then at the colum with the header Secondary category you should fill it with Books and if you want a third category, etc…you should fill it with Books; Books///economics; Books///hobbies

Thank you very much for a clear and concise response!

BTW, one other thought…

Does it really make a difference which of my various categories are “primary” and which are “secondary”?

I don't imagine so, just like I don't think it makes any difference what order you choose when you go to “add categories” while creating a product manually.

Just thought I'd ask in case I'm missing something.