have you integrated a forum?

hi all,

as I would like to integrate a forum in my estore, I was wondering if any of you already tried. If yes, what forum do you use?

I really would like to integrate it and bridge the users database between the forum and the store, and possibly giving access only to membership users.

Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks :wink:

I am planning on integrating a forum to my site when some other modifications are complete.

I got CS to quote me on this and it was very reasonable… I better not give their figure here though.

If/When I get this done it’ll probably be with VBulletin (like here) as opposed to phpbb or any other, I’ve gone off phpbb recently.

Good luck with it anyway.


hi recedo, any date for your project completition? I really would like to see the results.

No idea yet to be honest, probably at least another month… Lots of modifications to be done. No doubt I’ll post here when it’s all singing all dancing!