Have sales flopped this month?

My traffic is up but my sales are down… are you guys seeing the same?

Yes, but I am in a seasonal business so I expect that.


Same here, weird :roll: …

I have seen a steady slide in conversion since June 09, and this month is no different. I operate across many different verticals, using many different carts. I think consumers are just thinking harder about every purchase – they visit more sites, more times, before pulling the trigger. This kind of activity alone will cause your conversion rate to go down, even if your sales remain steady (or grow).

I am also facing some super-aggressive discount promotions by a few of the big boys – i.e. companies that can afford to burn profit for a while, and will happily do so to keep the top line growing. But that’s a separate issue.

More people are getting more web savvy, google shop, shop wiki blah blah, they are goin round comparin more sites and its only gonna get worse as more people learn just how big the “www” shopping mall is. There is always some idiot giving stuff away and not even realise he is probably losing money, meanwhile you and me are left wondering about our conversion rate.,

Just make sure your up to date with current price market and service etc for your products or your gonna be left behind . Email marketing and relationships help a lot, dont just rely on the store front…get them to know you the old fashioned way too.

Tough old world but keepin knockin em dead.:wink: