Has anyone tried indianlite?

I was searching around for CS mods and ran across the following site…


They show quite a few mods (some I’ve seen around the forums) but I’ve never heard of them. I was wondering if anyone has actually gotten the prices and tried any of their mods?


I wonder about them also. I see they have both Silver Best Buy (silverbestbuy) and Living Contemporary (Tirade) in their portfolio. I wonder if those guys actually used them or not?

I also see that a lot of their addons are either from Webgraphiq or Snorocket. I can’t imagine those guys giving these guys the rights to sell their addons, but who knows?


Be aware with them!

They are not authorized to resell our modules from webgraphiq and I’m sure that they have no permission from snorocket too.

Yeah, they seemed a little suspicious. Listing mods with descriptions that sounded close to others. Then they do not give a price nor did they make a way to really buy.

Known Scammers

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]Known Scammers[/quote]

Right Jesse. They will be off’d like others that have tried their dirty tricks.

[quote name=‘roban’]Right Jesse. They will be off’d like others that have tried their dirty tricks.[/QUOTE]

I hope you are right.

they have nothing to do with our website. that company is a SCAM!! beware!!!

stay away from them.

we have asked them to delete our website from their website but they dont even reply.

So 100% illegal - fraud - scam - website they have.

It appears that pretty much everything on the site is ripped off! After looking at some of the other things they offer for other shopping carts I found people complaining about them. Some say that if you that if you threaten legal action that they will in turn threaten to hack your site! I am guessing there are no laws in India?

I do see they have a toll free number. Has anyone who has been listed tried to call (and maybe run up their toll free bill) and get them to take their stuff down?

The interesting part is I even found their FB page and can you believe this guy shows he has over 10,000 “likes”! Do people maybe like getting ripped off?

The even MORE interesting part is I just figured out that I bought a t-shirt mod for osc from him back in 2009 and it was a total piece of crap! Odds are he ripped it off from someone else and then sold it to me. It didn’t even work.

Domains are hosted at Godaddy.com

File a complaint with Godaddy.com

Here’s a tip:


The host and domain provider don’t want anything to do with a lawsuit from you.

This is pretty funny.

On their homepage, there is a slideshow with a portfolio:

activatedomega3.com a biotechnology company

Project Duration - 3 week | Project Budget - 3000 USD

Really ???

A simple wordpress (there are alot of templates at 39$ which are alot better than this one) with 1 category and less than 20 pages at 3000 usd. Cheap work :rolleyes: