Has anyone setup subcategory images in 3.x Ultimate?

I’ve followed the instructions for setting up sub category images on the category page using this kb doc. CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation

I followed the instructions for 3.0.1. The new column layout is correct but I am seeing the image not available jpg rather than the category images I uploaded. Cleared cache, added &cc to the url with no success. I’m wondering if anyone else has successfully implemented this mod n 3.x Ultimate.


Just did it in Pro 3.0.3. and it worked just fine. Make sure and change the 2 instances of “COLUMN_NUMBER” in the first file. Also the second file you need to make in the “controllers/customer” is NOT within your skin folders my_changes, it is the main level addons/my_changes folder. And then you need to clear your CS-Cart cache.