Has Anyone Made A Similar Addon To This One?

Has anyone made a addon called

Product Scraper (simply adds product from your suppliers site to your site easy and simple)

Add products from a another specific site simply with 1 click you can add the same product that the site has with all images and product code along with product information etc.

There is someone who made it for op3nc@rt

its $15 i contacted the seller thinking he can make one for us CS Cart…waiting to hear back from him…

If anyone else here has already made one that i don't know please contact me i'm interested in buying


Hi there imram_m i dont think thete is something simple to it., we have this for older versions http://www.dvs.gr/xm…-preorders.html

see if this is for you, but its not 15USD for sure. I hope the guy you mentioned can do this more inexpensive.


Yeah that is to priecy i was looking for that price about $20-$30