Has 3D Secure Been Implemented Yet? Cs Offering Zero Protection To Sellers

3D secure is the industry standard way of protecting yourself as a merchant.

Without 3D secure a customer can file an unauthorized chargeback against you and you literally have no protection. Merchant banks cannot defend a transaction without 3d secure encryption.

I was told in novemeber they were working on it :/

Has it been incorporated yet?

CS Cart is supposed to be a solution to online selling. Yet it is not safe for sellers to use.

please advise.

Yes. You can setup with paypal pro szch option… there is a instruction inside the addon

3D Secure is a method within the payment provider actions. It is provider dependent and not all payment providers support it. Essentially is works as:

+ You make a request to the provider. They return you a key for a 3rd party site (URL/key pair).

+ You send your card info to that site with the key

+ You then send a transaction to the provider telling them the card info is there.

+ They get the card info and process the transaction and return you the result

Again, the implementation is provider specific.

Absolute is that the needs credit card processing system. You’re right

As far as I know except PayPal, SagePay are also integrated with 3D secure feature

It is not possible to communicate the data necessary from CS cart checkout to use 3D secure unless you take your customers off your website and process the transaction externally.

If you go in payment options in CS cart there is no option to communicate 3D secure info

A CS Cart rep in october said add this line to your direct payments php file


It didn’t work

That was in october 2015 and i was advised this was being looked into
I use ingenico payment provider

I tend to disagree. I've done a 3D implementation for NMI payments. 3D is simply not a generic solution. As I describe above, it requires the provider and the merchant to implement their various elements of the transaction. If the payment provider supports it, then it can be coded into the payment method.

CS Cart said they couldn't code it. The payment provider supports it. They said they would look to include compatibility in the future but this was 6 months ago and nothing

Very disappointing that sellers aren't offered simple protection

@jjscruff, As mentioned above, this is not a general method that can be used with just any provider. Generally it is integral to the transactions between the cart and the provider. A provider either utilizes 3D Secure protocols or not. Are you expecting there to be a generalized configuartion where if a merchants configures a provider and checks a box, that it will automatically use 3D Secure?

That's not how things work in cs-cart presently (nor among providers).

If you have a provider you want to use that uses 3D Secure, then it's no big deal to create that provider's cs-cart handler to use 3D Secure. But it has to be built into each provider's payments/provider.php file.

I also don't see any standard payment provider named ingenico. Who did you have develop the payment method for you? They should be able to code for 3D without redirecting away from your site. But you will have to be PCI compliant to capture/pass the credit card number.


Does anyone know if 3D Secure can be integrated with CS-Cart 4.3.5 using eWay gateway?



Any answer for patrick?