Hackersafe Placement

I would like to add my hackersafe seal to the page where credit card info is entered. Can someone please tell which tpl. it is? Thanks, John

Try this one


[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]Try this one


Worked like a charm baby:D . Thanks again, John

How do you find hackersafe ? Does it help ?

Also how much are you paying “roughly” per year for it ?

Sorry for the questions

There is also a few others

[url]Websitebeveiligingsscan | Trust Guard | B2U.eu

[url]Sectigo 79/year! nice!

i think those are both cheaper.

Yeah, I was just interested, personally I think comodo has better brand awareness, but hacker safe does have a large published portfolio…

I was shocked at the charges from hackersafe to say the least, I mean… does it really make such a difference to sales, They are very pushy sales people asking to pay first just to trial their service…

If you are paying a huge monthly fee for a seal like this. I suggest placing it at top in your header, or very near your header above the scrolling fold on EVERY page.

Yes. Not only on your checkout. But every single page at the top. That way you get most out of the money you shell out. It creates trust from the first impression, which is the most important one. And not just when they are ready to buy. You need to increase confidence to purchase before the actual payment stage.

Hope that helps.

We’re setting up several packages from ControlScan that will have pricing levels that are reasonable.

Are these verifications worth it? It depends on how many customers you have. Most of the time the general public isn’t aware of any of these services, be it HackerSafe, Comodo, or ControlScan. But, all of the general public is very aware of the dark side of the web. Any certifications attesting to the safety of a website is a plus. Essentially, something is always better than nothing.

I’ll post the packages we’ll be offering in a few days, if something CS-C and I are working on comes to fruition.

[quote name=‘SWS’]How do you find hackersafe ? Does it help ?

Also how much are you paying “roughly” per year for it ?

Sorry for the questions[/QUOTE]

Well to say the least, HackerSafe is probably the most widely used scanning system used here in the US and by very large companies. Yes it was expensive but that part didn’t really bother us since we do about $35,000.00 a month in sales with pretty good revenues. One of the hardest things about being an online store is gaining peoples trust. This is one more positive for us in getting their trust and so far it has proven beneficial.

If you are operating on a smaller budget then I would opt for some of the other programs that have been mentioned.

The cost was around $1,800.00 annually.