H1 H2 Tag In The Wrong Place?

I want to take Title h1 as a tag.


                                        Görüş ve Önerileriniz


I do not want to add h2 to footer section?



Looks like h1, h2 and h3 tags are missed up in the block wrappers of your theme. They are located in the following directory


It is required to correct corresponding templates


{if $content|trim}
{if $title || $smarty.capture.title|trim} {hook name="wrapper:mainbox_general_title_wrapper"}

{hook name="wrapper:mainbox_general_title"} {if $smarty.capture.title|trim} {$smarty.capture.title nofilter} {else} {$title nofilter} {/if} {/hook}

{/hook} {/if}
{$content nofilter}

The codes are original but why does h1 tag not give a title?

I am now working on the problem theme planning.

Please make sure that this wrapper is selected for the Main content block on all layout pages


If yes, this data can be also overrided by 3rd party addons

first h1 is important for the on page SEO and also tags are required like h2 or h3 , or h4 or h5.