Guide For Vendors

Hi dear Cs-Cart-Commmunity,

we would like to implement a guide in the vendor backoffice. This should be structured e.g. like the Cs-Cart-Guide (documentation). However, we would like to write and design it ourselves. For example, we would like to explain to the vendor how to create products.
So there are two important points for us:
1. we would like to have the possibility to write a guide.
2. this guide should be automatically displayed in the backoffice for all vendors.
Does anyone know an app for this or how would you implement it?

Thanks in advance!!! :)

Kind regards

Create a Design/Layouts/Layout/VendorAccopunt and create a block to appear above the main-content of the vendor home page that contains a link to your document. I'd suggest you just generate a PDF file and have it in the root of your store. The link can be set to target="_blank" to open in a separate tab (which would be most useful).

Thanks for the quick reply and the valuable info.

We'll have a look and try to implement it using your instructions.

Kind regards,