Guest Checkout creates generic email address on orders

CS-Cart v4.15.2, php 8.0
Settings for checkout is: allow anonymous checkout; allow shopping for unlogged in customers; and offer guest to create account after successful order.

The guest order completes successfully, but on Admin Panel order shows with generic address added to order. Store receives several guest orders a day. Also, we do not get option to create account after successful order.

See image for typical guest order email…

Not seeing any php error messages that match the time of these orders. Nor a clue in the cart logs. I created the guest order shown above so it wasn’t a spam address that I added, there is no field for email in guest orders.

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Are you saying there is no email field in checkout? The default install shows it and is required.

I am using the old Step-by-Step order add-on. Unchecked email is required from a prior cart version… v3? Many customers do not want provide email addresses. Interestingly, I see the email fields in the profile fields are grey boxes instead of checked or not.

Currently it’s the only way to identify/notify the customer.

If you check the first box, the second will open.

Other than that, you will have to accept the generic email addresses.

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For the moment, a generic email address gets added when the customer didn’t provide a real one. While not ideal, that was the quickest and safest way (from the backward compatibility standpoint) to allow hiding the “Email” field from checkout or marking it as “Not required”. It was something that was often requested back in the day.