Gtmetrix Not Fetching Site

Has anyone here the experience that GTMetrix will not fetch one of your sites on the same server as it does with the other sites ?

One domain is simply turning out the message

[quote]The page took too long to load[/quote]



Usually this is the cause…


[*]JavaScript that's preventing the window.onload event from firing.


[quote name='CarStickersDecals' timestamp='1435539433' post='220750']

Usually this is the cause…[list]

[*]JavaScript that's preventing the window.onload event from firing.




You are right ont he money. However Google PageSpeed recommends that you remove the javascript from the webpage or at least delay the load until most of the site is being rendered by the browser.

Many option for that I have seen, some you have to implement on the site (CS Cart) some on the server side.

Yesterday I tried my hand on Google PageSpeed Module for Apache but along the way my expertise ran out and I suppose I need to call in an expert.

As far as one the recommendations was from Google's PageSpeed Insight was that I 'd better remove the following JavaScript


But I suppose that there are many JavaScripts' should not load at first but could be delayed. How am I a a layperson to implement these modifications.

Any thoughts ?

Google PageSpeed Insight suggests something like