Gt Metrix Result What Do I Do ?

My seems to load quickly enough but is there anything I can do about

the lowest score or isn't it terribly relevant to CS-Cart ?

See attached image please.


Deferring parsing of Javascript was added to v4.3.1

There is little you can do about it in previous versions. In reality, it's never been much of speed hit with CS-Cart.

I'd try to fix your “leverage browser cache” score and “minimize redirects” though. You should be getting an A in those categories.

You might have a redirect set up thru the Manage Stores forms under Regions. To check that:

  1. at the top of the admin screen is your store name with a little arrow next to it, click on the arrow, and then click on Manage Stores.
  2. place your mouse over the store and the drop down arrow will show up, click on the drop down and choose EDIT
  3. click on the Regions tab
  4. uncheck the “redirect” option unless you use this option and have alternate global entries set up (I don't)
  5. click the save button and check if this changed the “minimize redirects” score at GT Metrix.

No change to Redirects score but thanks heaps for the tip.

I will just start upgrading my site soon.