Groups listed on emailed invoice?

I’m looking for some code that will include the buyer’s Groups on the emailed invoice. Does anyone know how to do this?



I found some code in /skins/basic/mail/profiles/profiles_info.tpl that looks like it is supposed to include usergroup info in the Profile update emails:

```php {if $usergroups && $user_data.usergroup_id}


{foreach from=$usergroups item=usergroup}

{if $user_data.usergroup_id == $usergroup.usergroup_id}{$usergroup.usergroup}{/if}



{if $user_data.usergroup_status == ‘P’}{$lang.pending}{else}{$}{/if}

{/if} ``` This doesn’t work, however. My customer account is assigned to a usergroup, but account update notification emails never include the usergroup data. Is there some site configuration setting I need to change? I’m using 2.1.1.