Grouped Products/product Configurator


now that product variations are completed could you guys create 2 additional product types:

1) Grouped Product - combination of several products all displayed on one page. Grouped Products have no prices, only their children products have. There should be an option to create discount for the whole group.
E.g. I want to sell baby carrycot + frame + car seat in one set
2) Product configurator - collection of products displayed on one page. Customers can easily add selected products using any available variations.
E.g. I want to sell stroller frame + stroller seat or stroller carrycot - the customer can select which pieces of the collection wants to buy
I know that there are addons available on the marketplace but non of them are good enough and right now they don't support product variations. In most of the competitor e-commerce engines those features are integrated in the core.
I've seen many requests regarding this feature. I think that now would be a good time to implement this.
@Imac, @Ikoshkin - could you tell us if you have any of this in you plans?

Up! Anyone?

This feature was removed from CS-Cart and supported now by one of partners

That addon linked does not support the latest csc version, only up to 4.4.3
Neither does Product Package Builder only up to 4.9.x

Whats going on with CSC addon devs, they seem to be giving up?

Well, those addons were working on product options, now we have product variations.

In my opinion grouped products and product configurator should be in the core of cs-cart. At least all the major competitors have them, e.g. Magento, Shopify