Grid View Wont Work - Unless Theme Editor Is Open!? Weird!

Weirdest issue I've had yet.

If grid view is selected in Settings > Appearance then no products will display when you click Categories.

If the editor is open, the products will display


It also does the same issue with “Customers Also Bought” on the product pages.

Underneath the product info should be a 4 x 2 grid with 8 products. The grid with the products will only display if I have the editor open the same as the categy pages.

I only discovered this by accident. We have had the products defaulted to display in a list because I couldn't fix it before. I believe it may have something to do with page width, but I may be wrong!

Made a little video of what is happening. Appreciate any and all help.

Looking for a dev to put this work to, paid. Thanks



Hi SeanDigitalSave,

Unfortunately it seems to be a bug that cannot be eliminated without a deeper examination. You should contact the person who worked on this custom theme for you.

Best regards,


Appreciate the response Alt-Team.

I've contact the guys who installed the theme for us. It hasn't worked since they installed - not that we weren't happy with their work. We thought it may have been incompatability with the theme version so waited for an update. The update came, we installed it, but the grid view doesn't work still. I hope they can sort it out for us, this is becoming very annoying.