Got this from a customer today!

I was trying to place another order but didn’t want to use your web site as my browser shows it’s not secure.

This may be taking lots of orders away from us since we have never been told this by any others. Not sure how he got this but we need to get it corrected ASAP. Anyone have a solution for this? Here’s our site: [url][/url]

Do you have an SSL cert installed and have SSL enabled in General Settings?

EDIT: I see you do have SSL installed. Perhaps he expects your entire store to be secured rather than just the sensitive areas.


You have a non-secure thing on your site. To be exact it is:

It’s part of your “Become a fan” banner in your cart page and checkout page.

If you use FF you won’t be stopped, but in IE you are asked if you want to continue.

Hope it helps,



I see a notice when clicking on the lock.

“Warning, Contains Unauthenticated Content”

Also says when looking at certificate:

“This website does not supply ownership information”

And, “contents partially encrypted, …”

Maybe that facebook image is causing a problem.

I am using firefox 3.5.7


When you use SSL on that page, all banners, pics, logos, icons and frames must also come from SSL source. You have a few ones which don’t.



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Awesome! It’s always good to know that you guys are around!